Commercializing Consumer Engagement

A Blueprint for Engagement in the Healthcare Industry


Help for Healthcare

The health of the nation is deteriorating at an alarming pace. Digital Transformation can help. If you want to engage consumers in making better health decisions, you must adopt personalized, digital methods and get into the minds of consumers. We all want to be healthy but on our own terms. All too often, businesses attempt to engage consumers not knowing who they are, what drives them, and what they need, which results in predictable, lackluster outcomes. 
Commercializing Consumer Engagement is an authoritative cookbook about understanding consumer behaviors and engaging people using digital methods. The objective is to provide people with relevant interactions and treatments in order to help them manage their health conditions and chronic diseases (key goal).
The book is for healthcare payers, Life Sciences, Health Care Providers, Biotech, consultants, academia, and anyone working in healthcare that is looking for best practices, methodologies, tools, examples, and processes necessary to engage consumers in the digital age.
What drives decisions?
Learn how consumer behaviors are tied to engagement and how consumers are influenced in their decision-making processes.
Executing wisely?
Learn useful methodologies from ideation and goal development to strategic planning and implementation.
Shifting to B2C?
Build customer relationships and engage through an understanding of the minds of the people and what triggers decisions.
Consumer focused?
Measure and rejuvenate your company’s culture because people will engage with you depending on who you really are and what you stand for.
Interacting wisely?
Learn how to map journeys and create useful experiences based on consumer decision-making behaviors.
Data hidden?
Learn how to extract and view consumer information in data planes to power your relevant communications and interactions.
Embracing digital?
Learn how to prepare personalized health campaigns using digital methods to align the right content to consumer needs.
Where do I start?
Use this book as a guide to launch your consumer health programs and engage people in making smart health decisions.

Healthcare Essentials for Engagement

It is critical to understand people in order to engage them as consumers. By connecting consumers with relevant content and interactions, your build a foundation for health engagement programs to flourish. 

We look at how consumers think and make decisions in order to build relevant experiences and interactions that influence their engagement in their health.

Chapter One

Understanding Healthcare

Consumer health
Industry shifts
B2C and consumerism
Consumer centricity

Chapter Two

Consumer Behaviors

The Mind Molecule
Decision making behaviors
Engagement states
Social influences
Customer experience
ZMOT in healthcare

Chapter Three

Best Practices

Thoughtful methodology
G.O.S.T model
Go to market planning
Concept life cycle

Chapter Four


Process: Goals to Launch
Setting goals
Current state assessment
Desired state realization
Readiness analysis
Gap analysis
Implementation plan

Chapter 5


Implementation stages
Concept governance
Incident Management
Performance management
Cultural Rejuvenation
Interaction management
Experience mapping
Consumer profiling
Data plane model

Chapter 6

Model and Uses

Health management
Information management
Sales management
Content planning

Chapter 7

Final notes

Retail and health
Partnering opportunities
Innovation integration

Forms Library

Templates and tools

Use Case Template
Consumer Profile Form
Gap Analysis Forms
Persona Template
Journey Content Worksheet
Content Mapping Template
Content Matrix
Engagement Maturity Model

Get the templates and tools referenced in the book Download Templates and Tools

The Testimonials

People have found the techniques and information in this book useful and relevant. 

Dennis Alimena, Vice President, Senn Delaney

Enjoying the connections to customer service and culture shaping. The infrastructure for supporting a culture shaping process is all here [Chapter 4]. This is good stuff Bob.

Tim Gilchrist, Director eBusiness, Anthem

This book is exactly what the health care industry needs right now! As the industry transforms, winners will be the experts on customer experience, this book is a path to that knowledge.

Vince Lasorsa, VP Mobile Health Solutions

Commercializing Consumer Experience is a must read for anyone in healthcare or anyone that wants to come to healthcare to help fix it.

Dennis Robbins, Ph.D, M.P.H, Strategic Engagement Advisor

Yurkovic hits the bullseye with insightful perspectives on actionable consumer engagement. Leveraging his experience and insight, the author blends an Eagles Eye panoramic view with a step by step cookbook approach. His tantalizing recipe blends the right ingredients, processes and methodologies to make engagement effective and sustainable.

Erik Johnson, Digital Marketing Director

Digital marketing and automation is essential for the healthcare community to interact and engage the population. This follows basic steps on what you need to do and why.

Joanna Ellis-Escobar, Editor

An essential and timely book, tackling a topic that's imperative to the health industry's understanding of their customers. I have no doubt this book can change the face of the industry, allowing for better engagement with customers and, ultimately, offering us a better way to live.

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Published 2015 (1st edition) and 2016 (2nd edition) - Recommend buying the 2nd edition on LULU with an updated chapter on behaviors.




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About The Author

Bob is a business and technology hybrid driving better business models through digital transformation (digital health, customer experience, culture/mindset, engagement solutions, and technology integration). He combines strategy, customer/market focus, operations, and technology expertise for businesses so they can survive and grow amidst market disruption, changing consumer needs, and immediate challenges in healthcare.

Robert Yurkovic


He is a former vice-president of Customer Experience and Engagement with UnitedHealth servicing payers, pharma and providers with digital solutions and user experience services. He held leadership roles at Lucent Tech, Bell Labs, and AT&T supporting business growth in global markets with cutting edge inventions such as the first 3G smartphone, the Mobile Media Platform (carrier grade Voice Gateway), and the consumer biometric engagement platform.